SELARAS Adventure Land- The Great Location for Adventure Camp,Rafting,Paintball,Flying Fox,Outing/Gathering and Outbound Training


As we all know that SELARAS Adventure Land (old : KAKI LANGIT Adventure Camp) is a subsidiary of PT. SELARAS INTI PRIMA INDONESIA.  KAKI LANGIT Adventure Camp was built in April 2001.  In order to support SELARAS Outbound™ Training Program serving accommodation (traditional camp) and adventure activities such as rafting, paintball and high rope (rope course).  First of all, we only serve SELARAS Outbound™, but now, since 2004, we open widely to offer all Outbound Provider who want to provide their outbound training at SELARAS Adventure Land.  And also, we let people who come from small family or group (10-20 peoples) to do outing there and “Feel the Adventure Land Experience”.

Our Staff / Team

We've trained all of our staff for some kind of technical and non technical skill (Life Skill).  All part/division at SELARAS Adventure Land (old : KAKI LANGIT  Adventure Camp) can do as professional as they do as a result of the training program.  More than 80% of our Tim / Staff at SELARAS Adventure Land are local people and amazingly, they are very clearly understand what and how to make our customer feel enjoy do any adventure activities at SELARAS Adventure Land.  There are Food and Beverage team (13 peoples), rafting guides & rescue (14 peoples), paintball guides (4 peoples), rope courses rescue (7 peoples), etc.  We believe that SMILE Value of SELARAS have create a positive character to all of our crew / team so that you'll feel the full of services and enjoy your adventure moment at SELARAS Adventure Land.

Safety & Risk Management

Risk Management is our primary concern to all who are associated with SELARAS Adventure Camp. All supported tools and facilities are designed with risk management in mind, and the organization's outstanding safety record is an international source of pride. Systems are constantly upgraded, and risk management training takes place regularly.


  • International Rafting Federation (IRF)
  • Federasi Arung Jeram Indonesia (FAJI)
  • Association for Experiential Education (AEE)
    ID: 9908,2305 CANYON Blvd, Suite 100, Boulder, Colorado 80302 USA