Company Outing and Family Gathering

Company Outing / Company Gathering

Our Staff/Team of SELARAS Adventure land will serve you many kind of Company Outing or gathering program.  We, Adventure Land Team offer You so many fun and team activities. Actually, our staff/team can organize Company Outing / Gathering outside of SELARAS Adventure Land, but off course, We'll do this by under coordination of SELARAS Outbound Training Team.

The Question is What is Company Outing or Gathering? Is that the same? Some of the meaning of the activity is probably the same.  Outing or Gathering is only about world that we used to be spoken out, it's up to you.  In our program classification both of them are going out together, outside the office, doing some group's activity, in order to have some refreshment after the whole tiring job for a semester or a year.

In SELARAS Adventure Land, We have some scenario that will make You and your organization feel Fun and Fresh.  Just like a customizing program of SELARAS Outbound, We basically have the same way to fit the scenario with our client's need.  That's why, SELARAS helps some of our clients create together for different scenario for every moment that they've token. And again, They really satisfied for this.

Family Gathering / Family Outings

If You want to bring your Family to do Family Gathering / Family Outings, SELARAS Adventure Land is the one different alternative place to visit.  So, for example You want to go to Adventure Land for only 2-10 peoples, We will allow you to do some of adventure activities or to Stay overnight.  But, off course, we will submit You to the other Group with the larger one or for easily, until we can collect about 15-20 participants, then You can go Rafting or Paintball or Flying Fox.




Outbound / Outing Package

SELARAS Adventure Land has also The Outbound Package/ Outing Package, but off course it is real different from outbound program that provided by SELARAS Outbound™.  The Outbound/Outing Package of Adventure Land are fill of adventure and challenging activity without Inside Learning Session, almost like an outing program. These are the Outbound/Outing Package that Provided by SELARAS Adventure Land :

  • Wet Combat : Are Combination of 5 km Adventure Rafting with Paintball Game and Soft Game. This is One Day Program Package with minimum of 20 participants and including lunch, fresh coconut and welcome drink.
  • Scenic Adventure : Are two days and one night program with combination of 5 km Adventure Rafting, Paintball and also Fun Games. Min : 20 persons Included : 3 x Lunch, 2 x Snack, 1 night Accommodation, Welcome drink, Fresh Coconut, local Transport, and Insurance.
  • The Challenging Journey : This Program is held for 2 Days and 1 Night with Minimum of 20 participants.  It contains : 5 km Rafting, Paintball, Flying Fox, 3 x Lunch, 2 x Snack, Welcome drink, Fresh Coconut, Fun Games, local Transport, and Insurance.

Price List